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  1. In Hindsight
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In Hindsight

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In Hindsight © Martin Kerr 2006

The boy was full of questions, longed to understand,
But brains grow, spirits shrink,
And we no longer want to have to think.
We’d rather veil the unknown with a drink.

I had all I needed - pockets full of air,
My belly bulged, my spirit starved,
Year by year my happiness was halved
And on my ageing face new lines were carved.

My cup was brimming over with blood of petty pains.
It soon fell and emptied out.
Romance and recognition lost their clout
And left a space for love to end the drought.

It’s so easy in hindsight. It’s so easy in hindsight.

And so he went to travel, to share and be refilled.
As planes rise, so cares descend
From squatting in the dwelling of the friend,
Open wounds of lifetimes start to mend,
Futures and beginnings seem to blend,
I breathe in - and my neck hairs stand on end.

Many prayers are answered, fulfilment swallows hope.
Hearts swell and think they’ve earned
A happiness the ignorant have spurned
And call their saving graces lessons learned.

Behind my walls of wisdom I shut out all my friends.
Trials come, powers leave,
I crawl into indulgence for reprieve
And wonder if my faith was make-believe.


I’m called to by an angel who lives on Diet Coke.
Way out. I’m in.
He helps me get some sunlight on my skin.
It melts away that chain called Fear of Sin.

I start to seek out beauty in every living thing
Sparks tempt, fingers singe
When thankful sipping turns to midnight binge –
The falls and get-ups on which real lives hinge.


Now the love I’d never dreamed of is pounding at my door.
As mist falls, mirages fade.
These days I like to feel a bit afraid.
It’s shown the way to every leap I’ve made.