Martin Kerr has been building his career from the streets, one passer-by at a time, and now has following of thousands. 

In the past year he sold out two nights at the 1700-seat Winspear Centre, opened for Sarah McLachlan at a 20,000-seat stadium, and saw his new album reach #2 on the iTunes album chart in Canada. 

Often compared to James Taylor, John Denver and Jason Mraz, Martin’s anthemic modern-folk connects with listeners of all ages. With a growing list of major festival appearances, his brilliant storytelling and soaring voice are captivating audiences across North America and beyond.

While travelling in China as an 18-year-old, Martin briefly met a Canadian girl, who then wooed him from afar with poems and mixtapes, and sent him a plane ticket to Edmonton. They're now married with 3 children. The unique story of their long-distance courtship often forms a charming and hilarious part of his live show.

 Famous Fans

"Martin Kerr..what a voice! Pristine, measured and beautiful." - Sarah McLachlan

"You had me in tears" - Bruce Cockburn

Notable appearances

Vancouver Folk Fest 2018

Islands Folk Fest 2018

Bear Creek Folk Fest

Edmonton Folk Fest 2017

Kerrville TX Folk Fest 2017

Winspear Centre (self promoted, sold-out) May 24 2017 and May 15 2018

Industry Showcases

NERFA 2017, official showcase

FAR-West 2018, official showcase


Press photos

Hi-res headshot

Hi-res headshot

Not in Stores single cover, 2017

Not in Stores single cover, 2017

Better Than Brand-New album cover

Better Than Brand-New album cover

Live at the Winspear 2017

Live at the Winspear 2017


Sample Tracks

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