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  1. Breathing
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Breathing ©Martin Kerr 2006

Down on Jasper Avenue
I looked out for the mountains.
The city rain had soaked me through
With longing for the stars.

Your words of hatred fill my ears.
My pennywhistle in my hand.
These city limits stop my tears,
I know that I can’t stand it anymore…

Breathing, make me empty as a hollow reed.
Freedom is from everything I didn’t need.

My life, it needs an editor,
An old hand to tweak the script.
I know I’m not a prisoner,
But something in these walls is keeping me from…CHORUS

Well I’m flying out to find
Some stillness in my mind
The rhythm that my heartbeat’s meant to follow.
And I’m stripping off the cares
That’ve weighed me down for years
Its time to get down deeper than my sorrows

These aeroplanes don’t bring me home,
‘cause I’m not from this world.
Still, its good to know I’m not alone.
The dying and the newborn teach me about…CHORUS