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  1. You Two Can
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You Two Can

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You Two Can © Martin Kerr 2006

If we’re not famous, think that no-one will blame us,
Letting injustice go on as it does?
But the starving don’t care about the price of your haircut,
Any true kindness will do, because…

Bono can’t change the world any more than you two can.
Bring us coral and pearls, good woman and your loving man.

It may seem you need to be in touch with the royalty
To get something big off the ground.
But your voices and hands do more than any commands
Reviving the spirits of all who surround you…


Atoms and nebulae, the universe seems to be
bonded together by love.
So if your little union should seem rather puny,
understand that its right at the heart of creation…


So don’t become dervishes, focus on service is
The only ticket to peace.
It makes the greatest of worries seem the briefest of flurries
Sure to be carried away on the breezes…