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  1. Level With You
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Level With You

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Level With You © Martin Kerr 2005

Every whispered word he sings,
Rings out like a thunderclap.
Tenderness is powerful,
You’d think love would have taught me that…
I’m a bit too young to get nostalgic,
I’ve so many gifts left to open up
And I’m a little to old to think its tragic,
That there’s so many fine wines, I can’t
choose where to fill my cup

Because it’s so hard, yes it’s so hard to find
A love like you, a love like you give me
You came so far, you came so far to love me
I can’t doubt its true, I can’t doubt
And that’s something to sing about…

You know I met this gentleman at the coffee house
He sang his song with nothing left to prove.
He was a big, friendly giant, not a mighty mouse
Not afraid of who might disapprove of his groove.

And it’s so good; yeah it’s so good to be
On a level with you, where we never have to hide
Yeah I’m so sure, so sure that we will
Stay together, without any tethering
And that makes me want to sing…

I want to tell you that I feel your love in every aspect.
I think it means more than just saying “I love you” back,
Because if ‘love’ is a verb, then it’s got to have an object,
And yours is hitting me so hard it’s given me a heart attack!

Oh I never knew, no I never knew the bliss
Of being lovers, before jumping between the covers
Yeah you let me in, showed me everything
Both your apex and abyss, and all before our first kiss,
Oh you wanted me unreservedly,
Every honour, every shame,
and you’ll be with me when I fall again.

Now every whispered word you breathe,
Rings out like a thunderclap.
Tenderness is powerful
I think our love has taught me that…