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My Love's Been More than Two Hours Long

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My Love’s Been More Than Two Hours Long
©Martin Kerr 2005

My love’s been more than two hours long,
Won’t fit on film, nor in a song.
Love at first sight isn’t wrong,
But mine’s been growing daily.

I was scared of what it meant
To love across a continent,
But your belief was never spent –
You knew you’d win me over.

Pre-Chorus 1:
Broken hearts are often wary,
And you can be a little scary,
Though you’re far from big or hairy,
I took it slowly…


I was scared of love so great
You offered day-by-day, and waited
Year by year, believing fate
Would bring me to my senses.

You took your fear and burnt it up,
Offered me your empty cup,
No provisos, no pre-nup.
You knew what you wanted.

Pre-Chorus 2:
Far behind your keen insight,
I gradually saw the light
That all along you had been right,
I’d stay forever…

Now I’m going to marry you,
I’ll still be me, you’ll still be you,
We’ll still have our own things to do,
But we’ll be true companions.

I’d absolutely no idea
That you would be the one for me,
A perfect match, perfectly clear
We were made to measure.

Pre-Chorus 3:
You tell with your loving eyes,
There’s no need to apologize,
Without a struggle, there’s no prize,
And we’ve the finest treasure.

Chorus, Chorus, Chorus.