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  1. Chicken's Feet
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Chicken's Feet

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Chicken’s Feet © Martin Kerr 2004

Sprawled on the sofa, just want to be alone
To hide from the sadness of being on my own -
Just like the drunkard, so ashamed of his vice,
He’d drink all day long to forget it

Oh no, I wanna go home,
So book me another vacation.
At least I’ve no fear, if I die while I’m here,
I’m covered for repatriation.

Escape from the desktop by surfing the net
Munching on dietary cigarettes.
Oh for the natural life I once knew
With Game Boys too big for our pockets.


Chewing on chicken’s feet, adventure lives on,
And laughter blows flies from the table.
All I’d been looking for is there in your eyes,
The fire that assures me I’m able
To strike out and leave burning behind,
The fences of comfort I’d built in my mind.
Bye-bye to living that lie, I’m dying for infatuation.
Zai jian* to living with men. Angels await at the station.

* “Zai Jian” = Goodbye (Mandarin Chinese)