Wow, Martin Kerr - What a voice, pristine, measured and beautiful”

— Sarah McLachlan

Festival Season 2018 

What a summer it has been so far! Thank you so much to Vancouver Folk Music Festival and the Islands Folk Music Festival for an incredible July - to hear so many people singing my song You're Amazing back to me was truly something special! I had no idea when I wrote that song in Australia back in February this year that it would become the climax to my shows throughout the summer. 


In August I head out to Toronto for a couple of shows before I return to Alberta for Bear Creek Folk Festival which by all accounts is a very special festival. I am still in the thick of writing new material ready for my album which is due early 2019 and will hopefully be supported by a run of shows in Canada and hopefully beyond. Thank you to everybody who has heard me perform live and headed straight over to Spotify to stream my music, the numbers are creeping up and my streams are pretty heavy in Vancouver as of today so it really helps me see where people are connecting with my music and no doubt the recent BC festivals were wonderful for that! 


Thank you for your continued support, Martin Kerr