Qualico Patio Series

Festival Place, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Full band show, outdoor venue. Rain or shine! With opening act Troida. Trioda

(Greek for “three songs”) consists of three members: Andriy Gambal, Volodymyr Rybak and Pavlo Chervinskyi. In 2013, the band took part in the show Ukrainian X-factor. On casting in Odessa, they performed an Alexander Ponomariov song "He Waits for her", immediately receiving an invitation to training camp where they were then fast tracked to the direct broadcast. In the super finals, their talents took them to the finale. Since then they’ve toured the United States, participated in concerts in Ukraine in support of the Ukrainian army and victims of the hostilities in Ukraine, toured Spain with Volodymyr Olensky, sang in Rome at a meeting for Ukraine youth from all across Italy and played at the World Embroidered Day in the Czech Republic in Prague.