Places of Worship

“Martin sings with emotional eloquence and a clear and easy hand on the guitar.  He makes me think of both Billy Bragg’s passion and Sting’s clear vocal style, but Martin is unquestionably his own performer.”

- Rev. Brian Kiely, President of International Unitarian Council.

Seeing himself as a World Citizen, Martin upholds the sacredness of all the Worlds great faith traditions.
His songs draw on timeless spiritual wisdom common to all faiths, and address important issues of today.

Worship Service

Martin has a wide repertoire of prayers and scriptures set to music,for worship, holidays, weddings and other events.

Children’s class

Martin’s songs for children are used in character education classes around the world.
Careful, your children might be singing them for years!

Evening concert: $500 (Excess ticket revenue to fund of your choice)

An evening concert with Martin at your place of worship can be an inspiring community event.
Its a great opportunity to invite new friends and can also be an excellent fund raiser.
You decide the ticket price, it can even be ‘pay what you can’.

Commissioned Songs:

For special events, celebrations or campaigns, an original song captures the moment.
First we decide on the message and style of your song.
Then Martin writes and records a draft for you to evaluate.
Once you’re happy, he’ll record/perform the song to suit your vision and budget.

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