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Why not invite Martin to visit your school?
He performs for all ages, all around the world.

Musical Assembly (40 mins)

Martin will have your students singing along in no time.  Songs like ‘Undiscovered Geniuses’ and ‘I’m a Peacemaker’ will inspire their creativity, confidence and spirit of service.  The presentation is always tailored to your specific age-group.

Classroom Workshops

A 1-hour session in which Martin shares some of the secrets of songwriting, allowing time for Q&A, and the students begin to craft their own masterpieces. This is a unique opportunity for the children to get to know a young, working musician, and to learn tips and techniques from an award-winning songwriter.

Fundraiser Concert

To celebrate an event and/or raise funds for a worthy cause. Students, teachers, parents and friends are invited, with advance tickets sold affordably. A few dozen tickets usually covers the cost, and the rest, which can easily total several thousand dollars, goes to your chosen cause.  Where possible, Martin loves to feature talented students as opening acts or invite them to accompany him onstage.

Preschool/Kindergarten Singalong

In a fun-filled half-hour, children learn and sing along with the simple choruses of Martin’s virtues songs. Every child gets a signed copy of the CD to sing along with at home. Parents are welcome to attend.

Pricing depends on date and location, please inquire for a full quote. 

“The purpose of my school visits are to bring some joy to the
children, to get them talking about and striving toward positive
character traits, and to give them confidence and encouragement to
strive for excellence in their lives – particularly to offer an
example of how a young person can build their own career, even if its
in something like music, where so many people say its impossible.  For
me even as a young child, the idea that school was one long
preparation for getting a good job and a nice house was seriously
un-motivating. I didn’t want a ‘good job’. I wanted to learn,
discover, create and be bold, to enjoy life and be of some benefit to
humanity as a whole, not just my little corner of it. I want to help
children believe that they can do all these things, and bring that
perspective into the world of their schooling.” – Martin Kerr

Children’s CDs Available Now:

Virtues in Us

Virtues in Us: A collection of 19 songs in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Each song highlights a particular virtue, such as kindness, responsibility or courage.
These songs andaccompanying lessons are being used in Chinese public school
and may soon become part of the China’s National Curriculum.

RRP: $20.00   Schools’ discount: $15.00 each for 10 or more copies.

Favourite Children’s Songs from The Family Learning House:

Nursery rhymes, educational songs and piggyback ditties for preschoolers.
The Family Learning House is a Baha’i Inspired Montessori school in Beijing, China.
Martin Kerr was their first teacher in 2002.

RRP: $15.00   Schools’ discount: $12.00 each for 10 or more copies.

A video from the Family Learning House in Beijing, where Martin worked as a Montessori teacher in 2002-3.
He now returns there annually to record songs like this one for their character development curriculum.

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