“If Jack Johnson were bitten by a radioactive Cat Stevens, the result would be a superhuman being named Martin Kerr”, said a college newspaper reviewer on hearing Martin’s award-winning album, I Know You’re Out There.

Like both those artists, his lyrics are original, profound and instantly memorable. With his red-hair and crystal clear voice, he caught the eye of the Canadian Idol judges and viewers in 2008, reaching the finals of Canada’s most watched show.

Born and raised in Britain, Martin has visited over 30 countries and sees the whole earth as his home. During his travels, he spent a year teaching music to preschoolers in Beijing. Now his children’s songs about patience, kindness, co-operation and other virtues are taught in thousands of classrooms around China.

Now settled in Edmonton, Canada, he has become a fixture of the summer scene, drawing huge crowds to his street performances and selling 15,000 CDs (and counting) from his guitar case.  The Edmonton Journal dedicated a two-page feature article to his busking exploits, naming him #2 in their ’52 things to love about Edmonton’.

As well as street-corners, he has graced some of the finest concert halls, major international conferences, places of worship of various faiths, folk clubs and countless house concerts and schools across North America.

His best-selling recording, ‘Drop in The Sea’ features eleven acoustic covers of inspirational modern classics such as Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, Into the Mystic by Van Morrison and Paul McCartney’s Blackbird.  A newly released follow-up album, ‘Awake’ sees Martin cover Neil Young, Coldplay and Sinead O’Connor.

For details of upcoming performances and to hear his recordings, visit

“Took us all by storm” – BBC World Radio
“One of my favourite people here” “You’ll be a huge star” – Zack Werner, Canadian Idol
“Best Canadian Pop Album 2007″ – Toronto Exclusive Magazine


  • Brook Munoz said on Feb 12, 2012 5:10 pm

    Martin, I just saw you @ CSL Seattle- loved, loved, loved your voice (& music). Thank you so much! Hallelujah was amazing:))

  • Jeff Guthrie said on Apr 10, 2012 11:03 am

    Martin. I saw you perform Easter Sunday at the Winspear center in Edmonton. You sang ” halleluyah ” We were sitting in 3 rd row and wow !
    i have never experienced such beauty and passion in 1 song.. simply incredible ! I do look forward to seeing you play in the near future. thanks for this lasting impression !

  • Brent Hansen said on Sep 22, 2013 6:09 pm

    I was between flights and watched you set up in the Edmonton Airport, I was the guy while standing in line to board and on my cell and then ran over to you in mid song a purchased a CD and I need to apologize for myself being so busy and couldn’t give you the proper respect you deserved because of my rushing but bottom line is I truly enjoy music and I recognized something special in you right away! My oonly wish was that for once my flight would have been delayed so that I could have listened to your entire performance!! When you behan to sing Tracy Chapman is when I broke away from the line up and came over….its a very special song to me and you were able to actually make me emotional! You do have a gift! All the best to you and I hope to bring my wife to one of your performances soon!

  • Martin said on Sep 24, 2013 9:56 pm

    Thanks for your message Brent. It means a lot to me knowing that my music got to your heart strings. I’d love to see you and your wife at a concert soon. I have a couple coming up in the next 2 weeks, check the shows page. Thanks!

  • Kim said on Sep 28, 2013 9:43 pm

    Hi Martin,
    I am so glad that I went to Edmonton’s downtown Farmers’ Market today. I heard your wonderful voice and guitar-playing as we entered the market place. Later, my friends and I ran into you while we were buying Tzatziki.
    You were very gracious, and happy to give up some of your free time to talk to us, and we were thrilled that we could purchase a few of your CD’s (I walked with you to your car!). Later, I drove back to Airdrie, and listened to your CD “I Know You’re Out There” over and over. Your voice is wonderful, and the backup vocals are great too. I think you said you wrote all of these songs? My favourites (so far) are: Undiscovered Geniuses, Breathing, and In Hindsight.
    “the Dying and the Newborn teach me about breathing”… such lovely lyrics that really touched my heart.
    Now that I’ve heard your wonderful music, I will tell my friends about your music, and watch for your upcoming concerts in the Calgary area.
    Take care, Kim

  • Janine Z. said on Oct 13, 2013 10:13 am

    Martin, I caught you at the St. Albert Farmer’s Market last weekend, and was blown away. You’re amazing! I bought a CD, and have been listening to it over & over again this week. “In Hindsight” is definitely my fave…truly inspirational. I’m hoping to catch one of your performances soon, so I can listen to your entire set. All the best to you!

    Cheers :)

  • said on Oct 28, 2013 12:37 pm

    Every summer St. Albert opens up its downtown streets, for the amazing Farmers Market. This year, I didn’t get to go as much as i would have liked.
    In July, I finally got to go, and remember walking through the opening tables. Hundreds of people everywhere, with so much to see. I strictly went that day for peas from the Hutterites, delicious!! but something distracted me, and I found myself speeding through, to find this unbelievable music i could hear, but not see.
    Pushing my way past people, afraid this heavenly music would stop before I found it.
    As i rounded the end of the tables, turning onto the street in front of “The Rock”, there it was.. that unreal voice, this music that had drawn me in, like no other!
    Martin Kerr standing with his guitar, singing for the people of St. Albert.
    I couldn’t move, i couldn’t speak, just stood in complete peace & calm.
    I will always be, one of your biggest fans, you truly do have the voice of an angel, thank- you Martin.

  • Michelle F. said on Dec 5, 2013 5:10 pm

    I first heard your music at the St. Albert Farmers Market where my family bought your CDs. Later in the summer I was fortunate enough to listen to you again at the market. My boys and I stopped and listened as I explained to my 3 little men (aged 1 to 5) how wonderful it would be if one day they took singing lessons so they could sing as beautifully as you. They were so excited about the idea that maybe one day they could singas wonderful as you. This holiday season I was lucky enough to be invited to a vendor event and when I saw that you would be singing, I immediately accepted and notified some friends to join me in listening to your heavenly voice. I am sure that you have been told time and time again how beautiful your voice is and how amazing you are to not only have the gift of song, but to have the ability to write such profound and lovely songs. We purchased some more CD’s and can’t wait to see you live again. I feel truly blessed to be able to listen to such an amazing talent.

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