Just add Holy Water: Instant Gospel Choir! 

Ever heard of a pop-up restaurant?  Well, I've decided to organize a pop-up choir. For one night only (April 26) me and 60+ other singing enthusiasts will put on a concert of Gospel music, led by the amazing Eric Dozier.

Eric is the former director of the world-famous Harlem Gospel Choir, and now travels the world getting communities singing together. He's coming to stay with us in Edmonton for just a few days., and in just a single weekend will transform us into from a rag-tag bunch of no-hopers into a… Read more

In Brooks, AB this Friday 

I'm excited to be performing the Griffin Park Theatre in Brooks, AB this Friday, April 10 at 7:30pm. Tickets on the door $25.
I'll be accompanied by Tyson Kerr on accordion/piano and Gord Oaks on percussion.

Thanks to the Newell Concert Association for having me as part of their very fine concert series. Recent performers include such bright lights of the Canadian Folk scene as Jimmy Rankin and Connie Kaldor. That's good company. 

Check out my latest video below to hear how we sound as a trio. 

Valentine's Concert 

This Saturday, Feb 14th, I'll be singing 3 sets at the Edmonton Irish Sport and Social Club (8-11pm). Come along with your sweetheart, or if you haven't got one, maybe you'll meet one there. Either way you'll hear some great music and enjoy a very friendly atmosphere. 

Praise from CKUA Podcast

Thanks to Baba Singh for playing my song 'Undiscovered Geniuses' on CKUA this morning. I missed the broadcast but heard that he said some very nice things about me. If you heard it, leave a comment to tell me what he said! 

At City Market this Saturday 12-3pm 

I'll be performing at Edmonton's amazing open-air street market on Aug 9th. This is one of my favourite places to perform, and I always meet new and wonderful people. Join me for some music, fresh food and good company. Free admission, pay what you like for the entertainment. CDs are available for only $10 and I"m happy to autograph them for you. 

Looking perfect? 

I really enjoyed this video featuring a woman with a quite eye-catching skin condition.

She says towards the end that she likes to go out in public without makeup, to encourage others by showing that they don’t need to hide their imperfections either.

When I’m going to be on camera, I’m caught between the desire to look my best, and look my realest. Would I rather people notice that I have a zit, or that I’m wearing makeup?  Which will make me feel more… Read more

'Making it' in music - an interview. 

Ever wondered how I make a living? Well, I was recently interviewed by Professor Tim Caulfield, for his upcoming book about the lives of artists. Tim is the Canada Research Chair in Health Policy at the University of Alberta and author of 'The Cure for Everything!'

He's not your average university prof, as evidenced by this very handsome, hipsterish yet rugged mugshot. You can follow him on twitter if you like. 
It remains to be seen how many of my pearls of wisdom will make it into the finished book, but… Read more

REVIEW - Live @ The Nick, Calgary 

I recently had the honour of playing at Calgary's Nickelodeon Folk Club, opening for the unbelievably talented Jack Semple. Here's what they had to say about me:

"Martin Kerr walked on to the Nickelodeon Music Club stage as an unknown opening act, but his outstanding vocals, compelling songs, and appealing stage presence completely won over our audience and, after a well-deserved encore, he was soon surrounded at the CD table by a host of new fans and friends."  - Vic Bell, Artistic Director


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