Looking perfect? 

I really enjoyed this video featuring a woman with a quite eye-catching skin condition.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBKr4uxXRi0 She says towards the end that she likes to go out in public without makeup, to encourage others by showing that they don’t need to hide their imperfections either. When I’m going to be on camera, I’m caught between the desire to look my best, and look my realest. Would I rather people… Read more

'Making it' in music - an interview. 

Ever wondered how I make a living? Well, I was recently interviewed by Professor Tim Caulfield, for his upcoming book about the lives of artists. Tim is the Canada Research Chair in Health Policy at the University of Alberta and author of 'The Cure for Everything!'He's not your average university prof, as evidenced by this very handsome, hipsterish yet rugged mugshot. You can follow him on twitter if… Read more

REVIEW - Live @ The Nick, Calgary 

I recently had the honour of playing at Calgary's Nickelodeon Folk Club, opening for the unbelievably talented Jack Semple. Here's what they had to say about me: "Martin Kerr walked on to the Nickelodeon Music Club stage as an unknown opening act, but his outstanding vocals, compelling songs, and appealing stage presence completely won over our audience and, after a well-deserved encore, he was… Read more

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